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Volunteers play a vital role in looking after our beautiful valley. Volunteering is very satisfying and good for your health and social life! If you fancy giving it a go, give the Development Officer a call for details of your local group. Whatever time you can spare will be greatly valued. These are some of the groups and their details:

Sustrans Volunteer Rangers

Sustrans Volunteer Rangers look after and promote a section of the National Cycle Network (NCN) near their home to encourage more people to walk and cycle. They deal with minor problems themselves and report major problems so they get dealt with rapidly.
Two Rangers groups cover the Railway Path. The East Bristol Group covers the NCN Route 4 from Bristol Bridge to Saltford and the Bath Group cover from Saltford east to Bath. As well as organising regular work days, Rangers do their own rides along a portion of the route every couple of weeks to check and sort out minor problems with litter, signs and other items.

Friends of Manor Road

The Friends do practical conservation tasks in this Keynsham woodland on the third Sunday in the month. Meet at the Manor Road entrance at the end of the houses, 10am - 1pm.
The Friends of Manor Road recently carried out a flora and fauna survey in and around the field pond at the far end of Plaishets, the six hectare ex-arable field in the middle of the site. The tenant farmer took the final crop off the land in September 2004 and two areas were prepared for tree planting.

Friends of Magpie Bottom

This Hanham-based group undertake conservation activities on the last Tuesday of each month at 10am - 1pm. Meet at entrance at the bottom of Bryants Hill on A431. Tools and refreshments provided. Call Paul Humphreys, BTCV, on 0117 960 5447 for info on both groups.
New members welcomed by both groups.

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